How to keep for extensions vibrant:
  • Always use sulfate free shampoo.
  • Don't wash in circles, always wash down. If you have tape ins, do not use conditioner on your scalp, only on your ends.
  • Always brush from the bottom to the top. Use a leave-in detangler.
  • Never blow dry upside down, or wrap your hair in a towel.
  • Use a round brush when your hair is almost dry.
  • If you smooth your extensions with a round brush when they are dry or almost dry, they will tangle less, and have a smooth finished look!
  • For less tangles, run your curling iron, or straightener, over your hair a few times before you curl it to heat up the hair shaft so your curls will last for days.
  • Sleep in a braid! A big braid to the side, keeps your curls, and keeps longevity for your extensions!

These things are vital to make your investment last. Give them a reason to stare!